CACIT 2024

We congratulate Yulian Hatala with Hype iz Gratsiano (Malinois) / Anna Marchi with Zack vom Further Moor (Malinois) / Knut Fuchs with Activ Jerte Maicono livre (Malinois)

The “CACIT Germany 2024” was an unforgettable event! Over four exciting days of competition, 110 participants from all over the world gathered in Braunsbedra to give their best in the IGP 3 category. From challenging obedience performances to captivating protection exercises, this event offered a variety of exciting moments for the spectators.

Find out more about the highlights of this spectacular competition, including the outstanding performances of the teams of Yulian Hatala with Hype iz Gratsiano, Anna Marchi with Zack vom Further Moor and Knut Fuchs with Activ Jerte Maicono livre.

A big thank you to our judges Robert Fagos, Andre Fermum and Robbie de Jong for their excellent work and expertise throughout the event.

Period: 20 – 24. 03. 2024
Category: IGP 3
Location: Braunsbedra, Germany
Titel: CACIT, res.CACIT, CACT, res.CACT

Judges & Helpers

Points and placings

Discover the points and rankings of “CACIT Germany 2024”. Find out how the top teams fared in this challenging competition and what placings they achieved.






Belgischer Schäferhund (Malinois)


Belgischer Schäferhund (Malinois)


Belgischer Schäferhund (Malinois)


Belgischer Schäferhund (Malinois)


Belgischer Schäferhund (Malinois)


Belgischer Schäferhund (Malinois)


Belgischer Schäferhund (Malinois)


Belgischer Schäferhund (Malinois)


Holländischer Schäferhund (Kurzhaar)


Belgischer Schäferhund (Malinois)



Participants from all over the world took part in the dog sports championship

Braunsbedra/MZ. – The Belgian shepherd Daika stands attentively next to her handler. At her signal, the animal dashes off and several meters later lies down on command. Petra Sporrer and Daika are a well-rehearsed team. They demonstrated this on Saturday at the Stadion des Friedens in Braunsbedra. There they were among the 120 participants in the international dog sport championship “Cacit Germany”. In the discipline of obedience, the dog is given various commands that it must carry out, even from a distance. This also includes retrieving objects. In addition to obedience, the teams also competed in the disciplines of tracking and protection.

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Championship for four-legged friends in Braunsbedra

Merseburg/MZ. – Sniffing, obeying and protecting: These are the tasks of the dogs taking part in the “Cacit Germany” competition in Braunsbedra this weekend. Last year, theevent organized by Dölbauer Mathias Dögel celebrated its premiere in the “Stadium of Peace”. From March 21 to 24, the championship is back with a few changes.

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The “CACIT Germany 2024” was an outstanding event with 110 participants, which took place over four exciting days. The enthusiasm and dedication of the participants and the commitment of the spectators made this event an unforgettable experience. Congratulations to the winners and all participants who demonstrated their passion for IGP3. We are already looking forward to next year and more exciting competitions!

A big thank you to everyone who helped make this event possible and to our loyal four-legged friends for their impressive performances. Stay tuned for more news and events from the fascinating world of dog sports!