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Immerse yourself in the exciting world of dog sport and experience the thrill of the CACIT Golden League, an outstanding series of dog sport competitions.


Find out how the points are awarded and which competitions are part of the CACIT Golden League. Here you will find all the information you need to know about this exciting series.

The CACIT Golden League series consists of three competitions: CACIT Germany, CACIT Poland and CACIT Dobris CZ.
Anyone from the FCI member countries can take part in these competitions with dogs that meet the criteria for participation. The number of competitions in which you can participate is not limited.

Points mode

The first twenty participants in each competition receive a certain number of points, which are decisive for the overall ranking of the series. We count the points per rank and not the sum of the points from the individual disciplines due to different conditions in each competition.

The two best results of each team will be included in the ranking for the overall result of the series. At the end of the third competition, the CACIT Dobris CZ, the overall winner of the CACIT Golden League and the order of the other participants will be determined. In the event of a tie, the best position from the races to be counted, the sum of the points from both races or the sum of the points for the defense from both races, if applicable, will decide.





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Experience the Golden League

Immerse yourself in the unforgettable moments of past competitions with our picture gallery. Experience the excitement, emotion and passion of dog sport in every shot.

The best of the best from the year 2023

Take a look at the top 3 teams from the last Golden League. Find out more about their outstanding achievements and their place on the winners’ podium.

1st place

Mathias Dögel
Mathias Dögel &
working-dog Esh

CACIT Germany 2023 - 2nd place
CACIT Poland 2023 - 1st place
Total: 90 GL points

2nd place

Knut Fuchs
Knut Fuchs &
Activ Jerte Maicono livre

CACIT Germany 2023 - 1st place
CACIT Poland 2023 - 3rd place
Total: 85 GL points

3rd place

Renata Tvrdoňová
Renata Tvrdoňová &
Alf Adonis Fantasaurus

CACIT Poland 2023 - 2nd place
CACIT Dobříš 2023 - 5th place
Total: 67 GL points

Mathias Dögel & Knut Fuchs

Participants' comments

"For me, the CACIT Golden League is not just a competition, but a unique opportunity to show my passion for dog sport on an international stage. The atmosphere, the challenges and the community are simply incomparable. I look forward to these exciting events every year and am proud to be part of this prestigious series."

"The CACIT Golden League is a highlight in my calendar as a dog sportsman. The competitions are challenging but incredibly rewarding at the same time. It is an honor to compete against the best competitors from different countries and to see how we all push each other to perform at our best. The Golden League is a testament to the true beauty and diversity of dog sport."


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